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You may be starting out as a singer, studying for a long time or already auditioning, performing and recording.

No matter where you are I’m passionate about training singers to feel comfortable throughout their entire range without losing tone quality. After performing as a classical singer in Europe for over a decade and mentoring with the leading master teachers of the 20th Century for twenty years, I’ve developed an approach based on time-tested voice training, current vocal science, acoustics and singing cognition. I travel all over the world to present at conferences, teach masterclasses and I’ve been forging my skills as an Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music and a private instructor/coach to nationally touring artists, students, young professionals and recreational singers of all ages and styles. Now, I’m looking forward to helping you get the voice you want.


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Being a Singer:
The Art, Craft and Science

presents stories, interviews, exercises, troubleshooting, assessments and easy-to-understand science topics to train the singer’s voice, mind and body, empowering them to improve their range, flexibility and expression.